Get the perfect summer tan

With the sun really beginning to shine in the UK, it’s time to start chucking out last year’s sun creams lurking at the back of your cupboard (or is that just me?) and stocking up on some new bottles. At the moment on Stuff-Off, we’ve got loads of sun creams to choose from, from the leading high street brands, all with 50% off!

Those that we, and others, particularly recommend are:

Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Spray SPF15 – 50% off, now only £9.00
This was listed second in The Independent’s ’10 Best Sun Creams’ , who love that it ‘cuts through water to leave skin fully protected without a greasy residue. A handy solution to that post-swim period when you’re waiting for skin to dry before reapplying sun protection’. Sounds good to us!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect SPF50 – 50% off, a snip at £7.25
Coming in at no 5 in The Independent’s recommendations, Ambre Solaire Golden Protect also gets a great review from Ruth Crilly on her ‘A Model Recommends’ blog as having ‘the whole ‘sexy-but-protected-skin’ angle covered; a lovely golden oil that leaves the skin looking incredible’. Currently available in SPF 15, 20, 30 and 50 to suit all skin types.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Transparent Body Protection Spray SPF30 – 50% off, also just £7.25
Another from Garnier, this features in Red Online’s list of Best Sun Protection Products; ‘completely clear… [and] lightweight so it sinks in easily too and won’t sit on skin causing excess perspiration in the sun – perfect for use before playing sport’. Also available in SPF 15, 20 and 50.

As well as all the sun creams, we have a number of after suns to keep your skin hydrated and make your tan last longer. Of special note is another product from Garnier, Ambre Solaire Aftersun Refreshing Hydrating Spray (50% off, just £5.00) which Marie Claire recommends as being ‘oh-so-easy to use. Ideal for getting to those hard-to-reach bits, it’s not only convenient, but also super soothing, hydrating and nourishing on contact’.

So now there’s no excuse for red patches or peeling shoulders. Shop now at for a fantastic summer tan.