Cheap and Easy Easter Fun


We’re always trying to save money at Stuff-Off, so thought we’d share with you our favourite cheap yet easy ways to keep the kids entertained ­in the Easter holidays.

  • The most obvious is the perennially popular Easter Egg Hunt. Whether it’s round a room, in the garden or in the local park you can be sure that your children will love looking for eggs – and the smaller the better in our experience! If you don’t want to organise a hunt yourself, then check out your nearest National Trust property – together with Cadbury’s they have hunts organised all over the country. Find out more at
  •  We all know that painting eggs can be fun (remember to hard boil them first though!), but how about making your own Easter eggs? All you need is an egg-shaped mould and some melted chocolate and you can have lots of (sticky) fun! Grab a piping bag and some decorations and these could be given to friends and family as presents too. A quick internet search brings up all the instructions needed for this fun activity.
  • Or why not take advantage of the fantastic weather and hold a seed growing competition? Admittedly, this requires a bit more patience but grab an empty tin of beans, some paper and pens, a handful of compost and some sunflower seeds and you have the makings of a great competition. Eat the beans and wash the tin out well (make sure there are no sharp edges left), then pierce some drainage holes in the bottom. Cover the tin with paper and let your children decorate it, then fill with compost and pop a seed or two in. Regularly water well, find a sunny spot for it to sit and before long the sunflowers will appear.

Have a great holiday!